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Course Description

We know that effective writing will help students in their coursework but it’s equally important to write well in the workplace. If a job interviewer is considering two qualified candidates, the candidate who can write well will have the edge. If you’re interested in improving your basic writing beyond correct grammar and punctuation, this course will help you.  The more you write the more confidence you will begin to have in your abilities as writer. 


The best grammar and punctuation in the world can still be used to churn out average or even poor writing if you don’t know how to use the sentences properly or which type of sentence works best to get your point across.  By the same token, if you can write lyrical sentences but you string them together into paragraphs that are a tangled mess, the sense and impact of each sentence is lost.  


The course is designed to give students the most flexibility and independence.  You set your own schedule and learn at your convenience.  Just because the course is online doesn’t mean you’re left on your own.  The instructor will be reviewing and grading assignments and is always available to answer questions through email. 


This course assumes you have a high school reading and writing level in English and understand sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. 

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There are no educational requirements other than a high school English reading and writing level, or you should have IELTS starting from at least 6.0 and/or TOEFL starting at 80 overall. This course is not an ESL beginner’s course.  It assumes you have a good grasp of English sentence structure 

In this course students will improve writing skills by learning how to combine and form correct sentences, types and formats of paragraphs, learn how to improve dialog writing, learn strategies to use to proofread and edit writing, and learn how to increase the effectiveness of writing by avoiding poor phrasing.

  • Duration: 12 weeks – 24 sessions (1.5 hrs/ session) 
  • Requirements: IELTS from 6.0 – TOEFL iBT from 70
  • Fee: $2000 
  • Objectives: Helping students to 
  1. Compose developed individual paragraphs and essays that use evidence, sources, and appropriate rhetorical modes to support topic sentences and thesis statements.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills by writing expository paragraphs and essays in response to course readings. 
  3. Compose a multi-paragraph essay (of at least 500 words) that supports and develops an effective thesis statement with specific supporting details and examples and is coherently organized with a clear understanding of introductory, developmental, and concluding paragraphs. 
  4. Write varied sentences, using correct standard American English, free from errors in mechanics, usage, grammar, and spelling. 



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