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For many hundreds of years, literature has been one of the most important human art forms. It allows us to give voice to our emotions, create imaginary worlds, express ideas, and escape the confines of material reality. Through creative writing, we can come to understand ourselves and our world a little 

bit better. This course provides students with a solid grounding in the writing process, from finding inspiration to building a basic story to using complicated literary techniques and creating strange hybrid forms of poetic prose and prose poetry. By the end of this course, students will learn how to discover their creative thoughts and turn those ideas into fully realized pieces of creative writing. 

  • Duration: 12 weeks – 24 sessions (1.5 hrs/ session) 
  • Requirements: IELTS from 6.5 – TOEFL iBT from 80 
  • Objectives: helping students to 
  • Fee: $2500
  1. Effectively stimulate creativity by using established methods such as freewriting, brainstorming, interpreting ideas, and writers’ journals. 
  2. Demonstrate awareness of the characteristics of a poem, short story, novel, play or screenplay, novel, and creative nonfiction. 
  3. Begin to understand the creative process and how it is often spontaneous and not logically considered. 
  4. Explain why a poem or short story achieves the effects it does through specific word choice. 
  5. Create a piece of writing that is not just factual but also expresses your own personal feelings on a subject. 



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