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Course Description 

The main college essay – or personal statement – can easily be considered the most crucial part of your college application. Not only can it showcase your writing skill, your perception, it also helps to distinguish you from the many thousands candidates across the globe – your personal statement is your own story, and you need to find a way to let your voice shine through.  

Through our course, we offer you meaningful step-by-step process to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to write an effective and memorable personal statement, as well as the other college-specific essays.  Students will participate in interactive brainstorming and reviewing session and be able to gain an understanding of the admission officers’ expectations.  The course will introduce expert advice, sample writing, personalized feedback and strategies for creative and effective writing.    

This course assumes you have a high school reading and writing level in English and understand sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation.  

There are no educational requirements other than a high school English reading and writing level, or you should have IELTS starting from at least 6.0 – 6.5 and/or TOEFL starting at 75 – 80 overall. This course is not an ESL beginner’s course.  It assumes you have a good grasp of English sentence structure.  

In this course students will improve writing skills by learning how to combine and form correct sentences, types and formats of paragraphs, learn how to improve dialog writing, learn strategies to use to proofread and edit writing, and learn how to increase the effectiveness of writing by avoiding poor phrasing.


    • Duration & volume: up to 10 weeks – 14 sessions (1.0 hr/ session), 1 personal statements + 10 supplementary essays 
    • Requirements: IELTS from 6.0 – 6.5; TOEFL iBT from 75 – 80 
    • Objectives: helping students to 
      1. Understand and choose the prompts for the main Common App/ Coalition App essay and the college-specific essays.  
      2. Brainstorm, develop ideas, and draft outlines for all the essays.